Easter Scavenger Hunt

CLAM is planning a family Easter scavenger hunt for the week before Easter. Families can come and find clues hidden throughout the church property and discover treats to help celebrate the holiday.  More information will be sent when everything is in place.

News for Children and Their Families

We all miss being together right now and seeing our church friends. Each week there will be a short Sunday School lesson coming through email to families that they can read together. We would like families to save the date for Bible School—July 12-14.

After Easter, families will receive an email with a pick-up date for a home activity. An after-church activity was planned for early May that we don’t believe will happen because of physical distancing. Families can make and paint a gourd house from the package they will pick-up. We hope that families will then share their finished birdhouse on the church Facebook page and then share it with the birds.

Community Fellowship Meal

We will decide on the status of our Free Community Fellowship Meal (normally held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month) by April 12th.

Music News

Hopefully you are enjoying the piano music that I have been providing during our recorded services.  It is a pleasure to be a part of the internet services that Pastor Nathan has designed.   I am excited that Megan George and I will be providing music for Palm Sunday’s service.   Megan has played at Linville Creek many times in the past.  This is her last semester at JMU before leaving the area at the end of the summer to pursue her Master’s degree at either U of Central Florida or Ohio State.  This will likely be her last performance with us.

     As we continue to examine effective ways to lead our congregants in music ministry this upcoming month, I appreciate your patience.   The choir is missing each other and our rehearsals, but at this time we continue to recognize the wisdom in not meeting together Thursday evenings.   Whenever the quarantine is lifted, we certainly will resume rehearsals ASAP.  I hope you are able to take time to sing at home with recordings from the service or by just standing around your own piano.  Music soothes the soul.   What would we do without it during these challenging times?  Peace and love – Scott Zane Smith

Spring Workdays

We will not have our regular spring workday this year but encourage anyone with time on your hands and a desire to be outside to consider helping at different times.  You could bring your kids and spend a half hour with them picking up sticks in the church yard.  Mowing will begin soon!  There are beds that could use some weeding and edging. The children’s play set could be cleaned with a bucket of soap and water.  Please contact the church office to let us know when you’ll be here and what you will do.

Directory Updates

Please make sure the church office has your correct address, phone, email, birth date & anniversary.  You may email the above information to or put your written updates in the door pocket of the church office.  If you are not listed in our church directory & would like to be, please let us know!