Worship Available

     Online Sunday morning worship links are being sent to those we have email addresses for.  We are also making CD’s and DVD’s of the worship.  If you are not currently receiving worship in one of these forms, and would like to be, please contact us.

     We will remain online Sunday morning until at least July 12th. On July 5th and July 19th we will have outdoor vesper services at church beginning at 6 p.m.  The board will meet again on July 15th to decide what worship will look like in late July and early August.

Vacation Bible School

     The Christian Education Commission is excited to share the Bible School plans for this year! Bible School will be held on July 27th and 28th at the church. It will not be held as in the past, but with physical distancing by family groups. Families will be stepping back in time to the Old Testament to learn stories and apply them to living today. Each family will sign up for a time frame each evening to come and they will go through a few stations for a total of 30-40 minutes and will take home a craft to complete as a family. It will be held outside.

     A letter will be coming by email to explain in more detail and a link to reply to sign up. If your family is not comfortable coming at a time frame or you will be out of town, there will also be an online version as well. Take the time to reply so we can hopefully involve all families with young children.

Can You Help?

     Children’s Disaster Services is unable to send out teams this year because of Covid-19 and it is difficult to have families that are displaced in crowded areas so most families will be housed in hotels. Children will still need something to support their play and care while away from their own toys. Instead of playing in child care centers as in the past, each family will receive an Individual Kit of Comfort. Children’s Disaster Services is asking that the same items are in each kit so they will all be the same.

     For Bible School this year, the children and families are sharing money or items to go in these kits. They are asking the congregation to join in bringing items or sharing money for the kits. It is estimated that each kit will cost approximately $17 to complete. Our goal is to assemble 100 kits from our church. Below is a list of items that could be bought locally or ordered from Amazon or other companies. Please be sure to provide materials that are safe for young children. The list includes—6 inch paper places (not Styrofoam), 2 ounce Play-Doh containers, cookie cutters for the Play-Doh, mini-deck of regular playing cards, rulers, 3.5 x 3.5 bean bags, water color sets (8 colors), 3 x 5 inch college ruled notebook, .6 inch washi colored masking tape, jump ropes, gel pens, washable markers, small plush stuffed dogs, animal finger puppets, and small and safe/durable cars.

     Donations of items can be brought to the church office or to the Sunday evening vesper services on July 5 or 19. Monetary donations can be sent to or left in the church office. Thank you for supporting this project!

Community Fellowship Meal

Community Fellowship Meals are cancelled until further notice.

Directory Updates

Please make sure the church office has your correct address, phone, email, birth date & anniversary.  You may email the above information to or put your written updates in the door pocket of the church office.  If you are not listed in our church directory & would like to be, please let us know!