Thoughts from the Pastor

Faith Journey

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding. Acknowledge God in all your ways, and your paths will be made straight” ~ Proverbs 3: 5-6

     On August 25th our congregation gathered at Brethren Woods for worship and fellowship. While I appreciate and love our church building in Broadway there is something refreshing about breaking up the routine. As I reflect on the joy of that day spent at Brethren Woods it hit me that perhaps we too narrowly define worship. Why is it that eating together, playing together, or sharing stories together is not considered worship?

     If we want to be technical worship literally means “the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity.” Therefore, our “worship” hour on Sunday most closely fits this definition as it is the time we are intentionally expressing our praise to God. Yet, as I ate lunch with my boys and other children in the church and watched them interact; as I played basketball with church members and youth, as I watched families canoe and play at the camp pond, I was overwhelmed with a sense of reverence and thankfulness.

     Faith is not a static thing but a journey, therefore we yearn for spiritual companions; people who will journey with us as we worship and grow. When we view one another as spiritual companions this allows our play and conversations to become holy moments. Moments we are deeply aware of God’s presence in our midst; moments of worship. When we recognize that our faith is a journey and that we need one another to help us on that journey, our understanding of worship begins to broaden.

     Sunday morning worship will continue to be an important part of our faith as we intentionally set aside time to give praise and adoration to our God. However, if we learn to view one another as spiritual companions we will soon discover that our worship continues long after the benediction and postlude. May we be a people of constant reverence and adoration, aware of God’s presence and blessing in all moments. May we support one another as spiritual companions, viewing our very fellowship as worship.       ~ Pastor Nathan