Thoughts from the Pastor

Update on Mission Statement: A Desire for Community

     In a recent Newsletter we updated you on the progress being made towards a mission statement for our congregation. A small committee has met to sift through all your responses to the Vital Ministry Journey and are almost ready to make recommendations to the church board on what themes should be included in our statement. There was genuine excitement as our committee met as we quickly discovered that though we are a diverse people, we hold much in common.

     It was fascinating to discover as we looked through the responses to the Vital Ministry Journey that we often were saying the same thing but approaching the topic in different ways.  One area we all hold in common, even if we did not say it in the same way, is our desire to be a community of faith that knows one another.  A desire for meaningful community in which we build deep relationships of support. We desire to be a community where stranger and longtime attendee both feel appreciated and welcomed.

     But our desire goes deeper than simply getting to know one another, we also share a desire to be a community that reflects and shares Christ’s love with one another and with those in our local and global communities. You as a congregation talked about programs such as our free Wednesday night meals, our service projects, our youth programs, etc. in the context of loving one another and loving God. We want to be a community known for love.

     More work is to be done in this process as our committee makes recommendations to the board and as the board crafts the language of a statement to present to you.  As we move further into this process let us remember that any statement, mission or vision, not only speaks to what we view as important but challenges us to live that mission or vision more fully.  For now, let us strive to continue to be a place of worship that builds a meaningful community of love and support.  A community that reflect Christ’s love, sharing it with one another and with the world.

 ~ Pastor Nathan