Thoughts from the Pastor


Linville Creek Church of the Brethren is a Christian Family committed to growing together in faith. Following the examples of Jesus we strive to provide forgiveness, inclusiveness, and service to all persons.

At the congregational business meeting on January 19th the church voted to adopt the above logo as the official logo of Linville Creek and as a logo representative of our mission statement (also above). I am thankful to church member Josh See for his hard work on this logo and for his artistic and thoughtful vision. He has worked closely with me, the board, and presented at the congregational business meeting to share his thought process and vision.

The logo is comprised of our church steeple surrounded by five different colors. The number five has significance for Josh; as he studied our mission statement, he identified five key words: family, growing, forgiveness, inclusiveness, and service. The different colors surrounding the steeple are also meant to represent diversity. The logo is representative of our mission statement in other ways and I would encourage all interested to talk with Josh about the logo and his artistic vision.

It has been exciting to work with the church over the past two years to develop first a mission statement and now a logo. Our next goal is to update the church website using this logo and mission statement as a guiding force. Still, it is always important to remember that mission statements, logos, modern looking websites are meant to reflect who we are as a church family. Linville Creek continues to be an open, welcoming, service-focused family and that is what will give our logo and website life. It will never be an image that gives our church recognition in our community, a website will not be the reason a new family decides to call this church home, a mission statement will not replace our need to study and worship. These are tools but ultimately it is the body of faith, worshiping and fellowshipping together, that will always define who we are as a church. May we continue to grow together as we strive to follow the ways of Jesus.    ~ Pastor Nathan