Thoughts from the Pastor

From 1 to 92 – A Final Reflection

 “And so I’m offering you a simple phrase – for Kids from 1 to 92 – although it’s been said many times many ways, Merry Christmas to you”

     It is Christmas Eve day as I write this reflection. I am prepared for the Christmas Eve service and ready for the vacation time that will follow. But as I look back to our season of Advent, I have an immense sense of gratitude. A major theme I had in mind during this season was based on the famous Christmas song quoted above for it portrays the truth that the coming of Christ was a gift given to all of creation. This is why it has been a blessing to have an Advent that included young families, youth, children, shut-ins, our choir, children’s choir, musical guests, and I’m sure the list could go on.

     This season we celebrate the truth that Christ came to offer salvation and grace to all, but our celebration is also a reminder of our calling to minister to all peoples. As I reflect on the year behind us and our congregation that continues to grow, I encourage us to reach out to those that we do not know. I encourage us to be bold in inviting new people to be a part of our family community. I encourage us to be mindful of those who are at home or in nursing facilities as we affirm the ministry they still offer our congregation. Christ came for all generations and all generations are called to bearers of God’s good news.

     As we enter a new year and leave the season of Advent and Christmas behind, may we continue to minister with a spirit of joy and celebration. May we continue to be bearers of Christ’s light. May we continue to celebrate Emmanuel – God with us! May we continue to allow our youth, our children, our adults, our shut-ins minister to us for indeed all generations are called to praise God together. I pray you had a Merry Christmas and find blessing in this new year.  ~ Pastor Nathan