Thoughts From the Pastor

Prayers for a New School Year

          Not everyone was able to worship with us on August 20th but during that worship we set aside a time to pray for and bless all those entering a new school year. This is a significant transition for many in our congregation and community and worthy of our prayers and attention. Below you will find a litany I wrote for the August 20th worship service honoring this moment of transition. I simply invite us to pray this litany over the coming month and to find words of encouragement and thanksgiving for all those embarking on this new school year.

-Pastor Nathan

It is the beginning of a new school year, and God is a God of new beginnings.

Be with our students, parents, educators, and staff as they move from a season of rest into a new season of learning and teaching.       

Bless our families as they move into the new daily rhythms of the school year.

Bless our children and youth that they may have open minds to learn new things and open hearts to show compassion to their peers.

May our children and youth experience the joy of seeing familiar friends and finding new ones.

May their minds be curious and delight at the knowledge and wisdom to be gained.

Be with our educators – in classrooms or at home – grant them patience, creativity, and strength for the year ahead. 

Help us be a support for the teachers in our midst and all those who have taken on the important task of educating our children.

Be with all those who help run our schools – bus drivers, kitchen staff, custodians, counselors, administrators, specialists, more than we can name – their work is sometimes in the background but is a blessing for our children. 

Bless the village of people working together in our schools. 

It is the beginning of a new school year, and God is a God of new beginnings.

And so, we trust that God goes with our children, our youth, our teachers and staff as they journey forward into a new school year. Amen.